Rob Hirst and Jay O’Shea ‘ The Lost and The Found’ 2020 (R)

Midnight Oil (upcoming) (R) 2020

Liars (upcoming) (R) 2020

Jim Moginie: TipJar sessions 2020 (R&M)

Jack Colwell ‘Swandream’ 2020 (R)

Seeker Lover Keeper ‘Wild Seeds’ 2019 (R)

Shelley’s Murder Boys ‘Above is a Roar’ 2019 (R)

Neil Murray and Sammy Butcher 2019 ‘Tjungu’ (R&M)

Jim Moginie ‘Triptych’ 2019 (R&M)

Sean Wayland and The John Dory’s ‘Scum Valley’ 2019 (R and R&M)

Laurence Pike ‘Holy Spring’ (R) 2019

Jim Moginie and The Family Dog ‘Bark Overtures’ 2018 (R&M)

Sarah Blasko ‘Depth of Field’ 2018 (R)

Lawrence Pike ‘Distant Early Warning’ “Holy Spring’ 2018/2019 (R)

Jim Moginie ‘Under The Motherland’s Flag’, ‘Perpetua’ and ‘Armies of the Heart’ EPs 2017/2018/2019 (R&M)

Leah Flanagan ‘The Oceanic Sessions’ 2017 (R)

Dave Warner ‘When’ 2016 (R)

Howlin Wind and Jim Moginie ‘The Night Garden’ 2017 (M)

Backsliders ‘Heathen Songbook’ 2016 (R&M)

Meat Cake 2015 upcoming (R & M)

Netflix animation ‘Beatbugs’ 2014/5(R)

Dom Turner and Phil Wiggins ‘Owing The Devil A Day’s Work’ 2014 (R & M)

Jim Moginie’s Electric Guitar Orchestra (commisioned by MONAFOMA for Exxopolis) ‘Twelve Holes Of Buddha’ 2015/2020 (R & M)

Danny Yau 2015 (ODs)

Karen O (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) 2013 (M)

Art vs Science ‘Create/Destroy’ EP 2014 (R)

Emma Louise ‘Never Tear Us Apart’ (South Australian Tourist Commission) 2014 (R & M)

The Backsliders ‘Dark Side’ 2014 (R)

Leah Flanagan ‘Everything’ EP 2014 (R & M)

Rob Hirst ‘The Sun Becomes The Sea’ 2014 (R)

Jim Moginie ‘The Colour Wheel’ upcoming (R & M)

Ash Hansen 2014 (R)

J. Robert Youngtown ‘Moderate Aspects’ LP

Loren Kate ‘Moving On’ 2013

Goofyfooter ‘Pumper’ 2013 (R&M)

Catherine Traicos And The Starry Night 2013 ‘The Earth, The Sea, The Moon, The Sky’ 

Jordan Leser ‘Just Like Autumn’ EP (R & M)

The Break ‘Space Farm’ 2013 (R&M)

Andy Bull (R)

Matt Walters (R)

The New Christs ‘Incantations’ (R)

The Valley Eyes (R)

New Brutalists (R)

Wires (R)

Small Town Incident (R)

Big Nothing (R)

Sophie Hutchings ‘Night Sky’(R)

Martin Cilia ‘Surf Explosion’ LP (R&M)

Kate Plummer ‘My Other Life’ CD (R&M)

Martin Cilia ‘Going To Kaleponi’ CD (R&M)

The Necks live album (M)

Empire of The Sun (o’dubs)

Alex Lloyd ‘Urban Wilderness’ LP 2013 (o’dubs)

Rob Hirst and Dom Turner ‘Joseph Roe and the Kimberley’ benefit song (R & M)

Blind Valley ‘Queen Of My Soul’ EP 2012 (R)

Scott Johnson upcoming LP (R)

Loren Kate upcoming LP (R)

The Atlantics upcoming (R)

Larissa McKay ‘In The Clouds’ (R)

Jamie and Sophie Hutchings (R)

Elana Stone Band (R)

Dom Turner and Ian Collard ‘Mama Thinks We’re Crazy Too’ 2011 (R & M)

Lisa Mitchell (R)

Peter Comes From Neverland ‘The Escapist’ (R & M)

Papa vs Pretty ‘United In Isolation’ 2011 (R)

Love Parade ‘King Me’ 2012 (R)

City Lights ‘Without People You’re Nothing’ 2011 (R)

Alchemy ‘One Thing Leads To Another’ 2011 (R & M)

Martin Cilia ‘SurferSaurus’ 2011 (R & M)

Toby Martin (Youth Group) ‘Love’s Shadow’ 2012 (R)

Katie Whyte (R)

The Backsliders ‘Starvation Box’ (R & M)

Jim Moginie ‘The Great Mint Swindle’ soundtrack (R & M)

The Jezabels ‘Dark Storm’ EP 2010 (R)

The Break ‘Church Of The Open Sky’ CD 2010 (R & M)

Jim Moginie aka Shameless Seamus ‘No Vans Mary’ CD 2010 (ODs, R & M)

Shameless Seamus and The Tullamore Dews ‘Ballroom Of Romance’ (R & M and mastered)

The Beautiful Girls ‘Spooks’ 2010 (R)

Crow ‘Arcane’ upcoming CD 2010 (M)

Lior ‘Tumbling Into The Dawn’ CD 2010 (R)

Corish Begaud upcoming CD 2010 (ODs)

Matt Walters upcoming CD 2010 (ODs)

Bonic upcoming CD 2010 (R)

Dave Stone ‘Money Breeds Flies’ 2010 (R)

Robert F. Cranny upcoming EP 2010 (R)

The Break and Dan Sultan ‘Shark Attack’ 2010 (R)

The Living End 2010 (R)

Neil Murray ‘Witness’ CD 2010 (R & M)

Sarah Blasko ‘Cinema Blasko’ EP 2009 (R & M)

The Backsliders ‘Throwbacks’ EP 2009 (R & M)

Whitley ‘Go Forth, Find Mammoth’ CD 2009 (ODs)

‘Utes in the Paddock’ CD (various artists) 2009 (R & M)

Kate Plummer ‘The Leftover Sea’ CD 2009 (R & M)


Nick Launay

Andy Vinall

Warne Livesey

Daniel Hackett

Brent Clark

Paul McKercher

Michelle Barry

Nick Littlemore

Pete Covington

Tim Whitten

Tim Kevin

Richie Belkner

Anthony The

Jim Moginie

Mick Wordley

Chris Townhend

Howlin Wind

Ian Pritchett

Robert F. Cranny

Lachlan Carrick

Lachlan Mitchell

Ryan Miller

Tom Astill

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